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Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Convenient Fiction

April 19, 2007

At the D.C. Premiere: 'A Convenient Fiction'

Attended the Washington, D.C., premiere of the "An Inconvenient Truth, or Convenient Fiction?" the film that refutes and pokes fun at Al Gore's extreme claims in his environmental mockumentary, "An Inconvenient Truth." (Gentle fun. The documentarian, Steven F. Hayward, may be big-boned, as the New York Times describes him, but he appears to not have a malicious bone in his body.)

It was a good event hosted by the Heritage Foundation and the Pacific Research Institute. The film ably demonstrates how Gore picks and chooses only the most dramatic -- and scientifically weak -- projections to forecast doom, and with those projections, demand wrenching economic and societal change. Hayward:

"The problem with Vice President Gore and other global warming extremists is that they distort the science, grossly exaggerate the risks, argue that anyone who disagrees with them is corrupt, and suggest that solutions are easy and cheap. And that's an all too convenient fiction."Hayward makes an important point in describing Gore as a pessimist, afflicted with a Weltschmerz that does not fit well with the reality of politics.

Anyway, Fred Barnes has already done a bang-up job reviewing the film, so rather than rehash his points, we'll just link to his column from The Weekly Standard. And suggest that any teachers who show "An Inconvenient Truth" to their classes should feel themselves compelled by a sense of fairness to also screen the rebuttal.

The movie premieres next Tuesday in New York City. More details here.
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Anonymous said...

oh brother....Another far-right wing whacko blindly following his parties' ideology....if Bush believed in Global Warming, so would you...The evidence is mounting whether you like Gore or not...There are PLENTY of conservative republicans that disagree with you. I'm one. Wake up.

Mike Venetian said...

Dear Anonymous,

This has nothing to do with George Bush or the Republican Party. The whole environmental global warming movement has everything to do with the "one-world government" crowd that still desires to redistribute wealth producers. The mathods and tactics have changed but the goal remains "from each according to his means, to each according to his needs"...Karl Marx.

Take some time and read some of the perspectives from scientists that have found simple mathematical flaws in data used by Al Gore and the IPCC to make some of their outrageous claims that are without basis.

Read the US Senate Report that includes 400 climate scientists that are questioning the premise as to whether there is in fact global warming and whether mankind has anything to do with it. Many of these scientists initially participated in the very same IPCC Reports parrotted by Gore and the media.

My Rant

The claim that climate change is direct result of man's energy consumption is simply unproven and politically motivated. While they propound lies that certain lightbulbs or cars will destroy the earth and raise ocean levels as much as 20 feet within the next century, fascists, like Al Gore, fly around in their Gulfstream jets and live in homes that use 22 times the energy of an average American's home! Their propaganda is outrageous and potentially catastrophic for the economies of United States, the developed world and developing world.

The proof of global warming or man's influence on climate change is not settled science. Just consider the source of the big lie: the proselytizing hypocritical high priest of the pagan environmental religion Al Gore or the other Kool-Aid drinking climateers from the left such as Learjet liberals, Hollywood high school drop-outs, billonaire elitists, the left-leaning mainstream media, the United Nations, academia, environmental radicals, socialists, other anti-capitalists and so called "researchers", "experts" and/or "scientists" whose paychecks depend upon the apparent existence of the "issue".

United States energy conservation and independence is a worthy goal that should be supported by Republicans, the Democrat Party, true Democrats, Independents and environmentalists. Energy independence is a major national security concern. However, lying to our people, implementing the cap & trade boondoggle which will crush our economy or doing anything that will cause the United States to transfer an portion of its sovereignty to the United Nations is idiotic. Not in my name!
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